What to Do on a Windy Day?

A few days ago it was so cold and windy that only people like me were outside and on the beach. The gusts exhilarated this kite surfer as he whipped back and forth in front of me, into the sky and back down into the surf. Even though today was another windy day, I absolutely had to walk on the beach again. I knew I wanted to see what the waters of Puget Sound looked like today, whether any birds were around, what had washed ashore. I wrapped my long scarf around my neck, grabbed my wool hat, and scrambled down the wooden steps to the beach by Fort Worden. With no kite surfers out today, I had the beach all to myself. The waves crashed on logs that drifted ashore, a gull feasted on a crab, a few Red-breasted Mergansers kept each other company beyond the breaking waves, and a large flock of Surf Scoters paddled together in the choppy distance. I was jubilant that the wind hadn't kept me inside.

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